MAHLE Behr Milestones
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    MAHLE Behr India is a leading name in the world of automotive air conditioning and engine cooling systems. Established in December 1997, MAHLE Behr continues innovate and prosper in the design, development and manufacturing of air conditioning systems, engine cooling components and heat exchangers for automobiles.

    1999:MAHLE Behr India begins commercial production at its first plant in Chakan, with the manufacturing of air conditioning systems for Tata.
    2000:MAHLE Behr sets up its global purchasing and engineering services. Today, with close to 100 engineers, MAHLE Behr Engineering Services undertakes design, simulation and purchasing tasks for other locations of MAHLE Behr.
    2001:MAHLE Behr India gets its first export order for Round Tube Evaporators.
    2002:Mahindra & Mahindra and Tata Motors commission MAHLE Behr India to supply for their Scorpio and Indigo vehicles.
    2005:MAHLE Behr starts manufacturing HVAC & Condensers for GM Aveo/ RENAULT LOGAN/VISTA
    2006:MAHLE Behr commences Visco production.
    2007:Proves to be a milestone year in more ways than one. The company inaugurates its new plant at Pune and is nominated for the TATA Nano. At its new Pune-Chakan facility MAHLE Behr produces HVAC and engine cooling modules as well as heat exchangers, including radiators, charge air coolers, condensers and Visco┬« fans for the auto industry.  From this year forward the company continues to expand its customer portfolio, adding new OEM customers every year.
    2008:MAHLE Behr starts manufacturing tractor radiators, Volkswagen HVAC, and Nissan cooling modules.
    2009:MAHLE Behr expands the collection of products being supplied to Volkswagen to include the CAC, and to Nissan the rear booster.
    2010:MAHLE Behr receives the EGR LOC from Tata for the Sanand Plant.
    2011:MAHLE Behr starts manufacturing at the Sanand facility. The company also sets up its Chennai plant to meet the needs of Renault Nissan.